Real-time, reliable intelligence
anticipates risks at restaurants


FIVAR RQ brings together the right data and knowledge from public health inspectors to anticipate the food establishments that will fail health inspections up to 15 days before they would otherwise fail.


What is an RQ score?


An RQ score is the probability, on a scale of 0 to 100%, that a food establishment will fail its next health inspection. The score uses data science to combine and weight the importance of localized variables from municipal records, private data, and data provided by clients. It has been proven highly accurate, reliable, and timely, reflecting new data as it is updated in near real time.

The acronym RQ, stands for 'Red Queen,' a metaphor and evolutionary principal that says it is essential to take in new information and innovate in order to outpace the competition, which is also evolving.


Our value to clients


At the riskiest businesses, patrons are exposed to food borne illness pathogens, employees lack basic safety training to avoid slips, burns, and injuries, and restaurant owners face liability, fines, lost revenue, and lost reputation. In cities where health inspection agencies can not keep pace with demand and complexity of inspections, public health and safety risk is at its height.


Restaurant Chains

Preventative maintenance and risk reduction

Differentiating locations experiencing high or elevated risks to health and safety helps owners target self-inspections and remediate risks before they experience losses or liability.

Insurance Brokers

targeted insights and sales materials

Getting better at risk selection and offering risk insights to current clients reduces claims and lowers the total cost of risk. Insights about neighborhood conditions and risk exposure adds value to policies.

Insurance Companies

Improve risk selection & Loss ratios

FIVAR RQ aggregates a cross-city data stream and monitors risk in near real time. It identifies the highest risk establishments and anticipates when risk is elevated to price policies and offer discounts.

Real Estate

market intelligence

FIVAR RQ predicts which locations are exposed to the highest neighborhood risks, even before they open for business. It provides insight to identify prime locations and sell properties.

FIVAR RQ is built by Open Data Nation


Open Data Nation creates smart, simple technology solutions, built from open, public data to make a healthier and safer nation. We bring the most qualified, data scientists to develop and continuously improve the way we measure and anticipate risks and put these insights into the capable hands of industry to scale our impact and realize benefits to society.

Open Data Nation is a woman-owned business, based in Washington DC.
It was founded in 2015, by MIT-trained data scientist and city planner, Carey Anne Nadeau.


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