Real-time, reliable intelligence
transforms risks into opportunities


Red Queen combines detailed public records and industry expertise to reveal new, leading indicators of risk that make restaurants unhealthy for patrons and unsafe for employees.

Our commercial, enterprise software raises awareness and gives a competitive advantage to our clients, detecting the greatest risks for brands, up to 15 days before liability and losses.


See Red Queen in Action

Red Queen is a fully automated, adaptive cloud-hosted software that produces results, in real time.

Why Red Queen?


Red Queen is a metaphor and evolutionary principal that says it is essential to take in new information and innovate in order to outpace the competition, which is also evolving. If we take in the same information, we expend energy without progress and end up running in place.

Our adaptive technology, Red Queen, delivers the insights and intelligence our clients need to react in real-time to changing environmental conditions and gain competitive advantages, including improved risk selection, sharper pricing strategies, increased efficiencies, and enhanced customer relationships.

Our value to clients

We deliver insights and intelligence that generate a competitive advantage in multiple industries.

Restaurant Chains

Preventative maintenance and risk reduction

Differentiating locations experiencing high or elevated risks to health and safety helps owners target self-inspections and remediate risks before they experience losses or liability.

Insurance Brokers

targeted insights and sales STRATEGY

Getting better at risk selection and offering risk insights to current clients reduces claims and lowers the total cost of risk. Insights about neighborhood conditions and risk exposure adds value to policies.

Insurance Companies

Improve risk selection & Loss ratios

Red Queen aggregates a cross-city data stream and monitors risk in near real time. It identifies the highest risk establishments and anticipates when risk is elevated to price policies and offer discounts.

Real Estate

market intelligence & COMPETITIVE STRATEGY

Red Queen qualifies locations based on environmental and neighborhood risks, even before it's open for business. It generates insight to identify prime locations and sell properties.

More About Red Queen


Open Data Nation creates smart, simple technology solutions, built from open, public data to make a healthier and safer nation. We focus on high-impact industries including restaurants, real-estate, construction, and road safety. 

Open Data Nation was founded by MIT-trained data scientist and city planner,
Carey Anne Nadeau and is based in Washington DC.


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